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About Us

Your Spine’s Best Advocate

Learn More About Our Expertise, Compassion, and Commitment

At NeuroSpine Plus, we cater to a diverse range of patients, from those with minor injuries treatable with non-surgical methods to more involved injuries requiring surgical intervention. Our commitment to helping patients find lasting relief and recovery extends to both conservative management and surgical solutions, ensuring you receive the personalized care you deserve.

Our scope of procedures treats conditions affecting the entire spine, from the base of the skull down to the sacrum. We specialize in both anterior and posterior procedures, employing minimally invasive techniques to optimize your recovery. With convenient locations across Central and Northern New Jersey, as well as Manhattan, accessibility is a priority for us. For those facing transportation or mobility challenges, we proudly offer telemedicine and transportation services, ensuring you can receive expert care from wherever you are.

Our Patient-Centric Approach

With over two decades of experience as attending physicians, Dr. Hunt & Dr. Scheid bring unparalleled experience to NeuroSpine Plus. What sets us apart is not just our expertise, but our commitment to the patient experience.

  • From the moment you reach out to us to schedule your appointment, our team is dedicated to making you feel comfortable and supported. We understand that your journey begins with that first phone call, and we want to ensure you feel heard and cared for.
  • Upon visiting our office, you’ll find a welcoming environment where our Physician Assistants, surgeons, and staff members are here to address your concerns. We strive to create an atmosphere where you can openly discuss your concerns with confidence.
  • Patient education is at the core of our practice. We recognize the importance of ensuring you and your family are well-informed about your options and potential outcomes. We invest extra time in educating you thoroughly so that you can make informed decisions about your care.

Your Partner in Wellness

Whether you’ve been on a prolonged journey seeking relief or are grappling with a newer injury, NeuroSpine Plus is here for you. Trust us to provide the expertise, support, and personalized care you deserve on your path to recovery. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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