Specialty Areas

Dr. Scheid has special expertise in a number of procedures, including the following:

artificial disc replacement 4

Artificial Disc

Artificial disc replacement surgery is recommended for patients with conditions causing chronic pain that hasn’t been relieved through non-surgical treatments.

microscopic main3

Microscopic Spine 


Microscopic spine surgery is one of the most innovative minimally invasive surgical technique, using specialized instruments to repair spine conditions.

minimally invasive main6

Minimally Invasive
Spine Surgery

Although no one likes having spine surgery, today’s minimally invasive technology makes it much less traumatic with a faster recovery time.

reoperative spine surgery

Reoperative Spine

Unfortunately, not all spine surgeries turn out successfully and some patients may still suffer pain afterward. But help may be available through reparative spine surgery. 

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Spinal Cord

Patients who suffer from chronic pain often find it difficult to find relief. It invades every aspect of their lives and makes pursuing normal daily activities nearly impossible.


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